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MATH 070: Basic Mathematical Skills

All course material below are in PDF format.  In order to view and print then You will need Adobe Acrobat reader installed on your computer which you can download for free from Adobe.

These calendars are intended as a guide to pace you through the semester. Check your instructor's D2L Brightspace for specific course assignments.


The text utilized is Prealgebra & Introductory Algebra Authors Bittinger/Ellenbogen 3rd edition by Pearson Custom publishing and a MyMathLab subscription. A calculator is used that does not convert between decimals and fractions.  All other calculator models, including scientific and graphing calculators, will not be allowed. 

Modules: Material students are expected to know prior to Math 070 but we will cover these sections very briefly in class and/or through homework/videos/activities on MyMathLab. Only one or two questions tested on the exam from the modules, however, module content is likely embedded in most questions.

Regular content: A majority of class time is spent on regular content and exams primarily consist of material from these sections.

Unit 1

Regular Content

5.8 Applications and Problem Solving

9.7 Properties of Real Numbers

9.8 Simplifying Expressions; Order of Operations

Reasoning Skills

8.5 Volume

8.8 Similar Triangles

Appendix A: Linear Measure

Appendix B:  Weight and Mass

Appendix C:  Capacity

Appendix D:  Time and Temperature


3.6 Multiplying, Simplifying, and More with Area

3.7 Reciprocals and Division

4.2 Addition, Order, and Applications

4.3 Subtraction, Equations, and Applications

4.5 Mixed Numerals

4.6 Addition and Subtraction of Mixed Numerals; Applications

4.7 Multiplication and Division of Mixed Numerals; Applications

5.1 Decimal Notation, Order, and Rounding

Unit 2

Regular Content

10.3 Solving Equations

10.4 Formulas

10.5 Applications of Percent

10.6 Applications and Problem Solving

10.7 Solving Inequalities

10.8 Applications and Problem Solving with Inequalities

16.5 Radical Equations

16.6 Applications with Right Triangles


6.1 Ratio and Proportion

6.2 Percent Notation

6.3 Percent Notation and Fraction Notation

6.4 Solving Percent Problems Using Percent Equations

6.5 Solving Percent Problems Using Proportions

6.6 Applications of Percent

6.7 Sales Tax, Commission and Discount

6.8a Simple Interest

8.2 Perimeter

8.3 Area

8.4 Circles

Unit 3

Regular Content

11.1 Graphs and Applications of Linear Equations

11.2 More with Graphing and Intercepts

11.3 Slope and Applications

11.4 Equations of Lines

11.5 Graphing Using the Slope andy-intercept

11.6 Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

11.7 Graphing Inequalities in Two Variables

12.1 Integers as Exponents

12.2 Exponents and Scientific Notation

Unit 4

Regular Content

12.3 Introduction to Polynomials

12.4 Addition and Subtraction of Polynomials

12.5 Multiplication of Polynomials

12.6 Special Products

13.1 Introduction to Factoring

13.2 Factoring Trinomials of the Typex² +bx+c

13.7 Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring

13.8 Applications of Quadratic Equations

17.1 Introduction to Quadratic Equations

17.2 Solving Quadratic Equations

17.3 The Quadratic Formula

Free websites are available for additional math practice.




The Math Skills Center reserves the right to amend this guide as necessary.