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Mathematical Skills Center

Centennial Hall #224

Phone: (320) 308-3840

Fall 2014 Hours of Operation

Monday - Thursday:     8:00 am - 8:00 pm

Friday:   8:00 am - 4:00 pm


Monday, September 1 (Labor Day)

Thursday - Friday, October 9-10 (Fall Break)

Tuesday, November 11 (Veterans Day)

Thursday - Friday, November 27-28 (Thanksgiving Break)


The Math Skills Center offers two three-credit courses for students who need to prepare for college level mathematics.  The faculty and tutors of the Math Skills Center are dedicated to providing you the opportunities for success in studying mathematics.  It is up to you to make good use of these opportunities.  Our goal is to help you prepare for studying college level mathematics by mastering basic mathematical skills, developing effective study habits and achieving the confidence level needed for success.  The operations of the Math Skills Center are based on your being an active student that takes responsibility for learning and is committed to achieving success in your college education.  We look forward to working with you.

Course credits apply towards financial aid requirements and GPA (grade point average), but do not count towards graduation credits.

Peer tutoring is available for coursework offered by the Math Skills Center in Centennial Hall room 224.

See the Math Placement website to determine proper course placement before registering for these courses.

Free web sites are available for additional math practice. Consider: IntMath, Interactmath or KhanAcademy.

Course materials are in pdf format. In order to view and print them you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader which you can download for free from Adobe.

Repeat Policy

The Math Skills Center administers a repeating policy for Math 070 and Math 072.  This policy strengthens the MSC goal of helping students prepare for studying college level mathematics and enhances student success. The MSC believes that students who participate in their education by attending class regularly and taking full advantage of support services offered at the Math Skills Center are most likely to achieve success. The following policy gives preference to students who demonstrate an active role in taking responsibility for his/her learning and a commitment to achieving success.

Students attempting to repeat the course will have a hold on their registration and will be given priority for an override to repeat the course based on effort in the first attempt.  This effort includes but is not limited to attendance in the Math Skills Center, class attendance and participation in Supplemental Instruction sessions.



MATH 072

MATH 070: Basic Math Concepts

An integrated review of basic algebraic and geometric concepts. Emphasis on problem solving, writing to explain methods and solutions and collaborative learning. 3 credits.

These calendars are intended as a guide to pace you through the semester. Check your instructor's D2L for specific course assignments.


Click here to download and print the pdf format of: Calendar MWF, Calendar MW, Calendar TTH, Study Guide

Link to:  MyMathLab


Math 070 Supplemental Instruction Schedule for Fall 2014 COMING SOON.


1-1 tutoring is available for Math 070 students through the Academic Learning Center. Visit their website for more details or to schedule an appointment.


Prerequisite course for Math 072, Math 193 or Stat 193.

MATH 072

MATH 072: Intermediate Algebra

Linear equations, inequalities, polynomials, graphs, systems of equations, algebraic fractions, radicals, quadratic equations, exponents and functions. 3 credits.

These calendars are intended as a guide to pace you through the semester. Check your instructor's D2L for specific course assignments.


Click here to download and print the pdf format of:  Calendar MWF, Calendar TTH, Study Guide.

Link to:  MyMathLab


Math 072 Supplemental Instruction Schedule for Fall 2014 COMING SOON.


Prerequisite course for Math 112, Math 115, Math 196 or Math 201.

Math 070 Jump Start is a course designed to prepare students for success in Basic Math Concepts, Math 070. Whether you are a student who struggles with the current pace of Math 070, are returning to math after a long interval, or would benefit from a refresher course using a non-traditional learning environment, Jump Start may be for you.


Specific areas of focus include basic conceptual and computational math skills in addition to organizational skills including time management, test taking preparation, and learning how to approach a math class and instructor expectations.


This course is free to students and self-paced with the guidance of an Undergraduate Learning Assistant. Jump Start is not used to calculate GPA, nor will you receive a grade, and it is not a replacement for Math 070, rather it helps students prepare for Math 070.


Click on the link for a brochure and get signed up today. Jump Start Brochure

If you have any questions please e-mail us at

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