Mathematics & Statistics Colloquium 2013 - 2014


All talks are open to the public and will be held this semester in the Engineering and Computing Center, Room 130 at 3:00 pm unless otherwise noted.

Upcoming Talks

April 23 , 2014   A Look at Learning: Learning Assistant and Tutor Research about Chemistry, Mathematics and Statistics Students
SCSU Chemistry, Mathematics and Statistics Learning Assistants and Tutors


Past Talks

February 13, 2014   The Risk Analysis of Hydrological Hazard by Using Stochastic Event-based Flood Model (SEFM)
Dr. Jeffrey Cheng - Atmospheric & Hydrologic Sciences, SCSU
January 29, 2014   Math and Art
Emily Lynch
December 11, 2013   Conformal Bijections
Dr. Dale Buske- Mathematics & Statistics, SCSU
November 6, 2013   Why Deny the Obvious, Child?
Dr. Stephen Walk - Mathematics & Statistics, SCSU
October 23, 2013   Foundations of Mathematical Thinking and Teaching
Dr. Roozbeh Vakil - Mathematics & Statistics, SCSU
October 9, 2013 Getting Hyper from Painting Cubes
Dr. Thomas Sibley - Mathematics, St. John's University
September 25, 2013 Tradition versus Antiquity, the Rise of Explanation in Traditional Mathematical Treatises in 17th-century China
Dr. Jeff Chen - Mathematics & Statistics, SCSU
September 11, 2013   The Insolubility of the Quintic and Math 480: History of Mathematics (Spring 2014)
Dr. Bill Branson - Mathematics & Statistics, SCSU


From 2012-2013


For more information, contact:

Dr. Peiyi Zhao
(320) 308-2148

Dr. Bill Branson
(320) 308-5694



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