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Public Relations: St. Cloud State University’s Higher Learning Commission Accreditation

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Contact: Dr. Lisa Heinrich - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Tel. 320/308-4925
Home Phone: 651/227-8619
Email: llheinrich@stcloudstate.edu

SCSU’s Unique Effort to Involve Students in the University’s HLC Accreditation Review

SCSU students in Communications 438-538, Public Relations Cases and Campaigns, are conducting a campaign to increase students’ awareness of the university’s upcoming accreditation review in preparation for the site visit April 16-18.

The Students Appreciate Accreditation Week will be April 2-6. Students dressed in red t-shirts will distribute information and prizes. Fliers, posters, buttons and candy will inform students about why university accreditation is important to them. A similar campaign in the same class last fall increased student awareness from 17% to 50%.

Class instructor Dr. Lisa Heinrich said the SCSU effort to involve students is unusual if not unique among institutions participating in Higher Learning Commission accreditation. When the class surveyed around 500 students regarding their awareness of the upcoming review scheduled in April, 80 percent indicated they did not know about it. Communications students have been involved in the entire scope of the campaign: planning, organizing, creating and executing.

All colleges and universities can choose to submit to rigorous reviews by accrediting organizations applicable to their programs. These organizations’ teams of professionals and educators base their evaluations on how well the school prepares its graduates for employment and advanced degrees. Accreditation is a guarantee that a program has met the highest national standards.



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University Television Station
April 3, 2007

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Many students simply pass by the kiosks in Atwood…however this week there is one kiosk that could effect every student.

Reporter Jena Pearson headed over to this booth to learn about accreditation.

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Accreditation…one word that determines many things for a campus like St. Cloud State…and yet many students know little about the affects of this word.

This year mass communications students decided to change this. One of these students is Nick Nelson.

SOT-Nick Nelson, SCSU Public Relations Senior

Being an accredited university allows St. Cloud State to receive federal financial aid…get accredited majors and minors…and participate in NCAA athletics.

Next week a seven person team will come to campus to make recommendations about SCSU for next year’s accreditation process. Mass Communications professor Dr. Lisa Heinrich says students can have input in this process.

SOT-Dr. Lisa Heinrich, SCSU Professor

And to increase the incentive to learn about accreditation…student can win prizes.

SOT- Nick Nelson, SCSU Public Relations Senior

This is Jenna Pearson for UTVS News.

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