Company Name:Metropolitan Council

Distance from St. Cloud:0 - 10 Miles from St. Cloud State University


Company Overview:This year the Council’s Summer Internship Program has 70 student internship opportunities. These positions are located throughout the Council. They provide students with a chance to learn about the Council, apply their education to real-life work opportunities and prepare themselves for future jobs. These jobs pay $12 to $15 an hour. Most positions start May 21 (7 in Transit will start in April) and are full time during the summer. Some continue part-time during the school year. Eligibility To be eligible for this program students must be currently enrolled in a post-secondary educational institution and have competed one (1) year of their program.

Apply to:Metropolitan Council

Application Information:All positions are posted on the Council’s web site at - Careers at the Council – Internship Opportunities. The internships are combined into 12 postings – primarily by educational focus. They include: 1. Intern – Business-Finance, Accounting, Human Resources. This category includes Regional Administration positions. There are 3 internships in this category. 2. Intern – Communications – English, Graphic Arts, Mass Media. This category includes positions in Regional Administration, and Community Development. There are 3 positions. 3. Intern – Computer Information Systems. This includes positions in Environmental Services, Metro Transit, and Regional Administration. There are 3 positions (4 vacancies) in this category. 4. Intern – Construction Management. All of these positions are in Metro Transit. There are 6 positions (13 vacancies) 5. Intern – Engineering – Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Environmental. These positions are in Metro Transit and Environmental Services. There are 10 positions. 6. Intern – Instructional Designer. There is only one position in this category and it is in Environmental Services. 7. Intern – Law Clerk. There is only one position for a Law school student. 8. Intern – Planning – Transportation/Urban and Regional Planning, Public Administration/Policy. These positions are located in Metro Transit, Regional Administration, Community Development, and Metropolitan Transportation Services. There are 9 positions (10 vacancies). 9. Intern – PLC Hardware Programmer. There is one position in Environmental Services. 10. Intern – Science or Engineering. These positions are with Environmental Services. There are 3 positions. 11. Intern – Business Transit. All of these positions are in Transit – Operations, Finance, Accounting, Marketing and Sales, Contract

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