Company Name:Metropolitan Council

Distance from St. Cloud:0 - 10 Miles from St. Cloud State University


Company Overview:This year the Council’s Summer Internship Program has 70 student internship opportunities. These positions are located throughout the Council. They provide students with a chance to learn about the Council, apply their education to real-life work opportunities and prepare themselves for future jobs. These jobs pay $12 to $15 an hour. Most positions start May 21 (7 in Transit will start in April) and are full time during the summer. Some continue part-time during the school year.

Apply to:Metropolitan Council
Karen Varian
Phone: 651-602-1742

Application Information:Eligibility To be eligible for this program students must be currently enrolled in a post-secondary educational institution and have competed one (1) year of their program. All positions are posted on the Council’s web site at - Careers at the Council – Internship Opportunities. The internships are combined into 12 postings – primarily by educational focus. They include: 1.Intern – Business-Finance, Accounting, Human Resources. This category includes Regional Administration positions. There are 3 internships in this category. 2.Intern – Communications – English, Graphic Arts, Mass Media. This category includes positions in Regional Administration, and Community Development. There are 3 positions. 3.Intern – Computer Information Systems. This includes positions in Environmental Services, Metro Transit, and Regional Administration. There are 3 positions (4 vacancies) in this category. 4.Intern – Construction Management. All of these positions are in Metro Transit. There are 6 positions (13 vacancies) 5.Intern – Engineering – Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Environmental. These positions are in Metro Transit and Environmental Services. There are 10 positions. 6.Intern – Instructional Designer. There is only one position in this category and it is in Environmental Services. 7.Intern – Law Clerk. There is only one position for a Law school student. 8.Intern – Planning – Transportation/Urban and Regional Planning, Public Administration/Policy. These positions are located in Metro Transit, Regional Administration, Community Development, and Metropolitan Transportation Services. There are 9 positions (10 vacancies). 9.Intern – PLC Hardware Programmer. There is one position in Environmental Services. 10.Intern – Science or Engineering. These positions are with Environmental Services. There are 3 positions. 11.Intern – Business Transit. All of these positions are in Transit – Operations, Finance, Accounting, Marketing and Sales, Contract Management. There are 11 positions (12 vacancies). 12.Intern – Spring – Metro Transit. All of these are in Metro Transit. There are 2 positions (7 vacancies). These positions will start in April. Deadline to apply is March 7. Students may apply for multiple positions within each category, and may apply for positions in more than one category. However, we suggest they apply to no more than 3 to give them their best chance. Students need to attach a resume and a letter of recommendation from their school advisor or an instructor.

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