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Kudos to Engineer Derrick Silvestri, UTVS,  our Husky Productions students, and Adjunct Professor Brian Stanley for getting Husky Hockey national exposure this coming weekend! The University of North Dakota game on Saturday, November 10 will be televised live on the New England Sports Network (NESN).  The game will also air live on Charter Cable Channel 87 in St. Cloud as usual.  NESN is carried on cable networks in the New England area and on DirecTV (channel 628) and the Dish network (channel 434) and the big news is that NESN is in over 30 million homes nationwide!  It has consistently been one of the top rated regional sports networks in the country with award-winning Red Sox and Bruins coverage.  Well done folks and good luck this weekend.

I also want to give a special thanks to UTVS, Derrick Silvestri, and our students Wesley Beskar, Alex Dorosz, Justin Haugesag, and Logan Frauenshuh for a very successful livestream and overflow video of former President Bill Clinton's address here Sunday.  There were 1100 people in the ballroom with many more watching it in the Atwood Mall.  The line stretched clear out to 5th Street  About ten minutes before the event the organizers told them they needed to broadcast the video out to the overflow crowd and Derrick and the others had to run around, dodging secret service agents (which made them a bit nervous) doing just that.  The organizers also wanted them to run videos before the event, which the crew was also able to accomplish.  All in all, it was a very professional job and I congratulate the crew for giving the Mass Comm Department and UTVS the exposure.  Last check the livestream had gotten close to 600 hits.  Thanks folks.

- Mark L. Mills

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