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Roger Rudolph

The focus of Professor Rudolph’s research is on the effects of risk reducing advertising messages on consumer risk perceptions, attitudes toward advertisements, brand attitudes and purchase intentions. He co-authored the research paper "The Effects of Salient Risk-reducing Advertisements on Consumer Attitudes and Purchase Intentions” and presented it at the AEJMC convention in Chicago, IL in August 2008.

Professor Rudolph also enjoys engaging in professional consultation in marketing and communications. In 2004 he completed a marketing research project for a regional furniture store brand. In 2003 Professor Rudolph completed a marketing and communications plan for the International Development Division of Land O’Lakes, LLC. In this United States Agency for International Development project he worked in South Africa for several weeks in a launch plan for an emerging dairy brand. Principles of the emerging organization were “previously disadvantaged” persons.

Professor Rudolph has advised National Student Advertising Competition projects for the Advertising Federation student chapter of St. Cloud State University over the past sixteen years. This project provides advertising students with an excellent real world learning opportunity. This project requires guiding a 12-15-person team through the development of a research based comprehensive advertising campaign. The team prepares a written version and oral presentation of their campaign. Coca Cola is the sponsoring client for the 2007 NSAC project. He devotes a significant amount of time to advising the National Student Advertising Team of St. Cloud State University. This project requires a weekly two-hour meeting throughout the academic year, many weekend and evening hours to assist the student team in all phases of campaign development. Advising this project also requires attending a two day regional Advertising Federation Conference each year. Saint Cloud State University teams has placed second, fourth, fifth and sixth in this competition. Twelve to fifteen regional universities and colleges enter this competition each year. Although placing well in the competition is important, Professor Rudolph believes that every student who works on this project is a winner as they engage in a wonderful learning opportunity. Many students have called this project one of the best learning experiences in their entire four years of college.

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