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Zengjun Peng

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Professor Peng joined the Mass Communication Faculty in 2005 after completing a Ph.D. at the School of Journalism, University of Missouri at Columbia. His dissertation entitled “News Source, Content, and Perception of News Bias: An Experimental Study on Hostile Media Effect” explored the interaction between various factors underlying the issue of news media bias and credibility. 

Originally from China, Professor Peng worked for more than ten years as reporter and editor of a national weekly newsmagazine in China. He held a B.A. in English from Nankai University, a B.A. in international cultural communication from Peking University, and an M.A. from the Missouri School of Journalism. Professor Peng taught news writing in the Missouri School of Journalism as a graduate instructor.
Professor Peng’s research interests include news media effects and processes, international mass communication, and health examination. He has authored and co-authored five journal articles and eight conference papers. Three of his research papers, including one exploring the psychological impact of Fox News, won top awards at international and national conferences. He also won a research fellowship with the National Institute of Health in Washington D.C. in 2004.

After coming to ST. CLOUD STATE, Professor Peng continued his research interests in the related fields. He attended the annual conference of Association of Education in Journalism and Mass Communication in San Francisco in 2006 and presented two research papers. Professor Peng is also active in national and international professional organizations. He was elected a member of the steering committee of the Chinese Communications Association; an international organization composed leading scholars and researchers in the field of China and Eastern Asian journalism communication studies. He also edited the newsletter for the organization.

Professor Peng also has extended great efforts in exploring and developing relationships between ST. CLOUD STATE and universities in China. He helped the realization of faculty exchange between ST. CLOUD STATE and the Beijing Youth University for Political Sciences. During his home country visit in the summer of 2006, Professor Peng gave workshops and lectures about journalism and mass communications education in the United States in several Chinese Universities.

Professor Peng serves on ST. CLOUD STATE’s Committee of East Asian Studies since 2005, and he has been the adviser of the Chinese Students Association (China Club) in ST. CLOUD STATE since 2005.

Professor Peng maintains his journalistic interest despite busy academic life. He has a hobby of walking around shooting people and animals, with his camera of course. He has published article and photo essays on his experience at ST. CLOUD STATE and the great Mississippi River in newspapers and magazines back in China. Professor Peng wrote in one of the articles that his greatest discovery after he came to ST. CLOUD STATE was that his colleagues were much warmer than the weather, and his most remarkable achievement was having survived two winters.

His most recent work includes:

  • "Framing Anti-war Protests in a Global Village," International Communication Gazette, 2008.
  • "Gendered Faces in Myspace - Self Presentation in Online Communication," paper presented at AEJMC conference, Chicago, IL, August 2008
  • Completed a lecture tour at a dozen Chinese universities and media organizations including Peking University, Nanjing Normal University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, and CCTV - China's national TV station, 2008.


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