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Courtney Hill-Youngquist

Courtney has been teaching "Documentaries of the Holocaust" since 2001, a course created by Scott Bryce, co-director of the SCSU Center for Holocaust and Genocide Education.

She earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Holocaust and Genocide Studies here at SCSU and worked as a teaching and graduate assistant. She was named the Phi Kappa Phi (National Honors Society) SCSU student of the year.

As the former Director of Operation for the SCSU Center for Holocaust and Genocide Education, Courtney worked with area 6-12 grade teachers in course development and student workshops, facilitated all on-campus programming and gave numerous presentations around the state.

She is a graduate of Yad Vashem's International Scholl for Holocaust Studies (Jerusalem) and co-presented with Dr. Christine Jazwinksi at the Yad Vashem Second International Conference on the Holocaust and Education.


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Mass Comm 275: Documentaries of the Holocaust

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