Liberal Education Program as approved by FA Senate 10-20-09

Liberal Education Program Proposal Submitted by General Education Committee April 2009

General Education Program Guidelines

Table of Mission Statement, Goal Areas, and Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

Liberal Education Program as approved by MnSCU 7/15/10.

This version does not include Goal 11 Information Literacy and Technology.

Undergraduate Catalog SCSU LEP

Curriculum Process during Fall 2010 is the standard process through college curriculum committees

Some Dos and Don'ts and Some Examples of Explaining How SLOs are Met in a Course

Liberal Education Experience Forms (under development)

The committee is currently revising forms for "experiences" that might meet the Goal Areas

Liberal Education Course Forms

New LEP Course Forms as of December 2009--Transmittal Form is third page of each form (not separate)


Goal Area 1: Communicate Orally & in Writing

Goal Area 2: Critical Reasoning

Goal Area 3: Natural & Physical Sciences

Goal Area 4: Mathematical Thinking & Quantitative Reasoning

Goal Area 5: History and the Social & Behavioral Sciences

Goal Area 6: Humanities & Fine Arts

Goal Area 7: Racial & Ethnic Diversity in the U.S.

Goal Area 8: Global Perspectives

Goal Area 9: Civic Engagement & Ethics

Goal Area 10: Environmental Issues

Goal Area 11: Information Literacy & Technology Note--this Goal was not approved by MnSCU 2010


Other Items of Interest

Possible Advising Form

General Education 2009 Convocation PowerPoint Presentation