Faculty / Staff

David W. Bacharach, Ph.D.

Professor of Exercise Physiology
Human Performance Laboratory
Halenbeck Hall 111
St. Cloud State University
720 Fourth Avenue South
St. Cloud , MN 56301
Phone: (320) 308-4798
Fax: (320) 308-5399

Courses Taught

  • PESS 248 Anatomy
  • PESS 249 Anatomy/Kinesiology
  • PESS 300 Motor Behavior
  • PESS 349 Human Physiology
  • PESS 449 Physiology of Exercise
  • PESS 601 Research Methods in Physical Education and Sport Science
  • PESS 620 Seminar in Exercise and Sport Science
  • PESS 625 Laboratory Techniques in Exercise and Sport Science I
  • PESS 630 Advanced Principles in Exercise Physiology

Current Research Interests

  • NIRS and muscle tissue oxygenation
  • Alpine ski techniques
  • Prevention of knee injuries in young female athletes

Selected Publications

  • Bacharach, D. (2004) Review of Exercise Physiology. In. Medicine and Exercise Science: Applications and Physiological Principles., (Ed. von Duvillard, S. & LeMura, L.), Lippencott, Williams & Wilkins, Philapelphia, PA.
  • Bacharach, D. (2003). Anterior Crutiate Ligament Injury in High School Girls. MN State High School League Bulletin, Vol. 73, Fall 16-20.
  • Bacharach, D. (2002). Making mental training part of physical training. American Ski Coach., Vol. 21:1,3.
  • Bacharach, D., Seifert, J., Dean, K., Schultz, D., & Rice, L. Coaching cues via radio enhance practice performance of junior alpine skiers. Proceedings from the 2 nd International Congress on Skiing and Science , (2000).
  • Hyman, B., Oden, G., Bacharach, D. & Collins, R. Fitness for Living, (2 nd Edition), Kendall-Hunt Publishing Co., Dubuque, IA. (2000).
  • Von Duvillard, S., Rundell, K, Bilodeau, B, & Bacharach, D., (2000). Biomechanics of alpine and nordic skiing. Exercise and Sport Science , (Ed. Garrett, W.E. & Kirkendahl, D.T.), Lippencott, Williams & Wilkins, Philapelphia , PA. , 617-638.
  • Bacharach, D.W., Petit, M., & Rundell, K.W. (1996). Relationship of blood urea nitrogen to training intensity of elite female biathlon skiers. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 10, 105-108.
  • Bacharach, D.W., & von Duvillard, S.P. (1995). Intermediate and long-term anaerobic performance of elite alpine skiers. Medicine and Science in Sport and Exercise, 27 , 305-309.
  • Bacharach, D.W., Hilden, T.S., Millerhagen, J.O., Westrum, B.L., & Kelly, J.M. (1992). Activity-based pacing: Comparison of a device using an accelerometer verses a piezoelectric crystal. Pacing and Clinical Electrophysiology, 15 , 1-9.
  • Seymour, R. & Bacharach, D. W. (1990). The effects of position and speed on ankle plantor flexion in females. Journal of Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy, 12, 153-156.
  • Moritani, T., Muramatsu, S., & Bacharach, D. (1989). Surface EMG frequency power spectral analysis of low back musculature. American Journal of Physical Medicine, 198-204.
  • Moritani, T., Berry, M.J., Bacharach, D.W. & Nakamura, E. (1987). Gas exchange parameters, muscle blood flow and electromechanical properties of the plantor flexors. Sports Medicine and Science: Applied Physiology, 56, 30-37.
  • Bacharach, D.W., & Randolfi, E.A., (1987). Computer assisted programs for assessing cardiovascular fitness. National Educational Computing Conference Proceedings, 366-369.
  • Bacharach, D. & McGuire, M. (1985). Lower limb angles during the control phase of an alpine ski turn. Journal of Professional Ski Coaching and Instruction, October, 43-46.


  • Ph.D. Physical Education, Texas A&M University , 1986
  • M.A. Physical Education, University of Northern Iowa , 1983
  • B.S. Biology and Physical Education, University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire , 1979.
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