Dr. Dien D. Phan

Dr. Dien D. Phan

Professor of Information Systems
Ph.D. in Management Information System
Centennial Hall 329 – (320) 308-3890




Dr. Dien D. Phan joined the IS Department in 1990. Prior to that time he worked for IBM Corp. in Rochester for ten years. He is also the Ph.D. dissertation reviewer for the University of South Australia, Australia. After a two year leave to hold the Nicole Maria Stata Endowed Chair in MIS at the University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont, Dr. Phan is back with the Department.


  • Ph.D. in MIS, University of Arizona, 1990
  • Master of Business Administration in Management Information Systems, University of Minnesota, 1980
  • Bachelor of Science in Accounting, St. Cloud State University, 1978

Area of Teaching:

  • IS 340 Management Information Systems
  • IS 460/560 Project Management
  • IS 461/561 Electronic Commerce

Research Interests:    

  • E-commerce
  • Software engineering
  • Security
  • Business Intelligence

Recent Publications:

Refereed Journal Articles

Phan, D. D. (in press). Lessons Learned From the Failure of a Major Minnesota’s Healthcare E-business Project. International Journal of Information Systems and Change Management.

Phan, D. D., & Vogel, D. R. (in press). A Model For Customer Relationship Management and Business Intelligence Systems for Online and Catalog Retailers. Information & Management, 47(2).

Phan, D. D., Schmidt, M., & Chen, Q. J. (2010). Organizational Ecology Success Factors in the Business: A Case Study at Fingerhut Inc. Information Systems Management, 27(1), 82-91.

Schmidt, M., Chen, Q. J., Phan, D. D., & Arnett, K. P. (2009). Security Perceptions of E-Commerce Users. Journal of Internet Commerce, 8(1-2), 44-57.

Phan, D. D. (2008). E-commerce Security threats: Awareness, trust, and practice. International Journal of Information Systems and Change Management, 3(1), 16-32.

Phan, D. D., Chen, Q. J., & Ahmad, S. (2005). Lessons Learned from the Initial E-commerce Failure By a Catalog Retailer. Information Systems Management, 22(3), 7-13.

Phan, D. D., Chen, Q. J., & Ahmad, S. (2005). Lessons Learned From an Initial Failure by a Catalog Retailer. IT Management Select, 11(4), 30-37.

Phan, D. D., & Ratnasingam, P. (2003). Inter-Organizational Trust in B2B E-Commerce Participation: A Case Study as Cisco New Zealand. Information Systems Management, 20(3).

Phan, D. D. (2003). E-business development for competitive advantages: a case study. Information & Management, 40(6).


Phan, D. D. (2011). Managing Outsourced e-Business Development Projects (vol. CD). Atlanta, Georgia: 2011 Proceeding of the Association of History Literature Science and Technology.

Phan, D. D., & Schmidt, M. (2010). Swarm Theory and Business Intelligence Applications in Online and Catalog Retailing Firms (pp. 2501-2506). San Diego: Decision Science Institute 2010 Annual Meeting.

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Phan, D. D. (2004). The Birth, Growth, Decline and Rebirth of Fingerhut Inc. (pp. 387-394). Washington, D.C.: Proceeding of the Web2004 Conference.

Phan, D. D. (2004). Lessons Learned from the E Commerce Failure of Fingerhut Inc. (pp. 223-228). Chicago, IL: Proceedings of the 2004 International Conference of Pacific Rim Management.

Phan, D. D., George, J., & Vogel, D. (2002). Quality Control in Project Implementation (pp. 220-221): Introduction to Information System Project Management.

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