Institutional Review Board



Do you find the IRB process confusing? Looking for a quicker turnaround time for approval? Then you MUST review the IRB Tutorial of Common Questions and Errors.


Submit the original IRB protocol to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, Administrative Services Building, Room 210


IRB Protocol

When submitting an IRB protocol, be sure it is a complete packet, which includes all necessary documents listed:

  • Complete IRB Training
  • View IRB Tutorial of Common Questions and Errors (above)
    • Current approval rate upon initial review is <10% so please read the tutorial thoroughly, as it identifies many common errors
  • Complete IRB Protocol (use this current version)
    • Must be signed by researcher and advisor/course instructor, if applicable
  • Recruitment Materials - Question 5
  • Documentation of Cooperation - Question 6
  • Data Collection Instruments (surveys, interview questions, demographic questions, handouts, etc.) - Question 8
  • Consent Form(s) - Question 15
  • If using deception, include a debriefing statement for participants


Existing Data Only Application includes:

  • IRB Training Completed
  • Completed Use of Existing Data Involving Human Subjects Protocol
    • This protocol is used when the only data you are going to be working with already exists. No new collection of data to occur. Allow sufficient time for IRB review.
  • Written Support - Question 4


IRB Reviewer Checklist

All protocols will be reviewed according to the Reviewer Checklist.


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