Tips for Traveling

Traveling within the United States

  1. Bring a copy of your current I-20 or DS-2019 and your passport with you.
    Most of the time, you will not be required to present it to anyone, however, if for some reason you are detained by an immigration officer, you will be asked to present it.
  2. You will be asked to present an official picture I.D. such as a Driver's License, I.D. Card, or Passport when traveling by Plane or Train.
  3. When visiting U.S. airports (even if not traveling) it is recommended you carry your passport or copies of all immigration documents and a state ID.
  4. Your passport must be valid for 6 months into the future at all times.

Traveling outside the United States

Documents to carry with you

  1. I-20/DS-2019 (with travel signature* dated in the last year)
  2. Valid Passport (valid for 6 months into the future on date of re-entry)
  3. Valid United States visa (exceptions to Canada/Mexico/Islands for 30 days or less)
  4. Recommended: Carry proof of enrollment (past and future)
  5. If on OPT – also carry your EAD card and proof of employment (you will also need a travel signature within the last 6 months)
  6. If you changed immigration status while in the US – carry change of status approval notice (I-797)

*To obtain a travel signature on your I-20/DS-2019, bring this to CIS at least 3 weeks before you depart, drop it off with a note to sign for travel or meet with an international student advisor during walk-ins, and this will be ready in 10 business days.


  1. Check to see if the countries you are visiting require you to obtain a visa (e.g. transit visa).
  2. If your visa has expired, you will need to apply for a new US visa at a US Consulate/Embassy abroad–plan your time accordingly. For additional information on visa renewal and frequently asked visa questions visit the Department of State travel page.
  3. Surrender your I-94 card when leaving the U.S. (exceptions to Canada/Mexico/Islands for 30 days or less)
  4. For additional information on travel please view our government resources page.

Transportation to Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport (Executive Express Shuttle bus at or Lakes Express at

Other things to consider

  1. Continue to check your SCSU email while you are away. All university notices, including information that could affect your immigration status, will be communicated via email.
  2. Make certain that there are no holds on your student account.
  3. Whether you are traveling within or outside the USA, please bring your insurance card with you. If you have never received one, contact Health Services at 320-308-3191.
  4. You should also carry the SCSU Emergency Contact Card for International Students. These are available at the CIS front desk.

In case of emergency, or if you are in need of assistance while traveling, you may contact St Cloud State’s Public Safety ANY time of the day or night at: 320-308-3333. Public Safety will accept collect calls (reverse charge), both local and international

  • In the U.S., you must dial ‘0’ for the operator from a landline phone and ask to make a collect call.
  • To make an international collect call, you must ask the phone operator in the country you are calling from to make the call for you.