Maintaining Status as an F-1 Student

It is your responsibility to maintain F-1 student status, and the details of such status are outlined in your I-20. That information, along with the guidelines below, should help you maintain your immigration status while in the U.S.


You must be full-time each term with the exception of summer, as that is your annual vacation. 

  • Reduced Course Load/Dropping a Course: you MUST seek approval from an advisor in CIS BEFORE dropping below full-time using the Reduced Course Load form. 
  • Concurrent Enrollment: you must seek approval from an advisor in CIS if you plan to enroll at another U.S. institution in addition to St. Cloud State by using the Concurrent Enrollment form.
  • Withdrawal from courses/St. Cloud State University: you must seek approval from an advisor in CIS before withdrawing from your classes and/or enrolling at another U.S. institution. 
  • Online/Distance learning course limit: only one online/distance learning course can count toward your full-time enrollment each term.

Keep current immigration documents

  • Change of Major/Level: you must receive a new I-20 from CIS should your major or level change throughout your stay at St. Cloud State. Please contact CIS for further details if this applies.
  • Program extension: if you are unable to complete your degree by the expiration date on your I-20, please apply for a program extension before your I-20 expires. 
  • Passport: this must be valid at all times and should be valid 6 months into the future when traveling outside the U.S.

Change of Address

Update your address within 10 days of the change through your HuskyNet account. 

Check your SCSU Email account

You must check your St. Cloud State email account as very important information is sent to you regarding your immigration status. Failure to do so may result in a violation of your immigration status.


  • On-campus employment: limit of 20 hours/week while school is in session.
  • Off-campus employment: never work off-campus without authorization from the Center for International Studies and/or U.S. CIS.


File the US income taxes with the Internal Revenue Services (IRS)


Failure to comply with the information listed above will result in a violation of your F-1 immigration status. The Center for International Studies is required to report such action to the U.S. CIS.