STEM Extension


Application Procedures

  1. In order to apply for a STEM Extension, the student must submit the following to the Center for International Studies:
    • STEM Extension Request
    • Original, signed Form I-765
      • USCIS uses special scanners to read forms submitted during immigration application processes.

        Handwritten forms often result in errors as these scanners are not able to read them accurately. In order to reduce the occurrence of errors, which may result delays in processing and adjudication of your STEM Extension we now require that you download form I-765, type in the required information, print out the form, and sign using blue ink.

        Please note that the scanners will not read information that is greyed out, highlighted, or corrected using correction fluid or tape.

    • Official transcript
    • Copy of job offer letter
  2. An advisor at the Center for International Studies will:
    • Review the above requested forms
    • Request a STEM Extension in SEVIS and issue a new I-20 (if appropriate)
  3. An advisor at the Center for International Studies will then email the student to notify them that their I-20 has been issued and that the student may gather the rest of the following documents to send as part of their application to USCIS:
    • Copies of current and all previous I-20's (pages 1 & 3)
    • Two (2) U.S. style passport style photos
      • Write your I-94 card number on the back
      • Photos must be taken within 30 days of filing your application
        • Please submit the photos in the envelope/folder from where they were taken
        • Please submit the receipt of purchase (if possible)
    • Copies of current I-94 card (front and back) or print out
    • COLOR Copy of valid passport (biographical and extension pages)
    • COLOR Copies of all previous Employment Authorization Documents (front and back)
    • Application fee: $380 (cost subject to change without notice)
      • Money order is recommended, but you may use a personal check. (Do NOT sign the back of the check or money order!)
      • Make payable to “U.S. Department of Homeland Security”
  4. The student must sign (in blue ink) the two sets of their new I-20 (one original to keep and one original to submit to USCIS)
  5. The student is responsible for mailing their own application packet to USCIS:

    For U.S. Postal Service (USPS):


    P.O. Box 21281

    Phoenix, AZ 85036

    For Express mail and courier service deliveries:


    Attn: AOS

    1820 E. Skyharbor Circle S

    Suite 100

    Phoenix, AZ 85034

*Please allow 5 full business days for processing a complete application*

Instructions for filling out FORM I-765 (must complete all items and read, sign, and date the certification section):


Important Information

I am applying for…

Select “Renewal of my permission to accept employment

#1 “Name” 

Type family name in capital letters and then print first/given and middle names.

#3 “Local Address”

Should use CIS address because USCIS will not forward mail if a student’s address changes:

Center for Int’l Studies, 720 4th Ave South, LH 101

St. Cloud, MN 56301

#9 “Social Security Number”

The number appearing on your social security card

#10 “Alien Registration Number (I-94 number)”

Use eleven-digit number on I-94 card (upper left corner of card)

#11 “Previous employment authorization from USCIS”

Check “Yes” as you have already applied for OPT

List name of USCIS Service Center Office (found on EAD receipt) and dates of employment as listed on EAD card

#12-15 “Last entry and current status”

Obtain this information from current I-94 card

#16 “Eligibility”

The eligibility code for 17-month extension of OPT is “(C)(3)(C)

#17 “E-Verify Information”

Work with your employer to complete this section

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