How to Become a J-1 Exchange Visitor


If you are interested in doing research at St. Cloud State University, you should:


  1. Contact the academic department or school/college in which you would like to teach or do research.
  2. Once an arrangement is made, confirm with the respective department the dates and purpose of your appointment.
  3. Complete the application process with the academic department.
  4. The SCSU department will request a DS-2019 from the Center for International Studies (so that you can apply for your J-1 visa).
  5. The DS-2019 and important information about SCSU and the J-1 visa will be sent to you.
  6. Apply for the J-1 Visa and make travel arrangements.
  7. Upon arrival at SCSU, check-in with the Center for International Studies and participate in the J-1 Exchange Visitor orientation.
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