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International Students Weekly Bulletin

Looking for a job? Check out these companies that hire international students!

Go to SCSU Career Services Website: and login.  In the “Announcements” block there is a GoingGlobal icon, click the icon and it will open to the Going Global website.

On the website are various ways to search for or learn about companies hiring international interns and employees.  Click on the link “H-1B Info.”  You have the choice to do a metro search (by city), a search by state, and a full USA search.  For instance, if you click “State Search” you will be able to choose which state you would like to search.  Then you will be provided a list of companies as well as how many H-1B visa applications that company has applied for in the previous year.  The “USA Search” may be the most useful as you can search by the type of industry, city/state, and metro area.


* Please consult with an advisor at the Center for International Studies regarding any questions related to

international student employment eligibility.

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