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Vietnamese Tutor Wanted

I am a retired male and am planning for a trip to Vietnam, although I know not one word of the Vietnamese language.  Additionally, I have never been in Vietnam.  I do, however, have a genuine interest in visiting both Ho Chi Min City and Hanoi, and various cities in between: Hue, Danang, and others.


I am looking for a tutor(s) to give me informal coaching sessions on Vietnamese culture, language, traveling tips, precautionary warnings, and advice on what to eat, and how to avoid embarassing miscues.  


If you are interested in contributing to this request for assistance, please let me know.  This request for assistance does not expect a high level of formal training or education. More than anything, I am looking for any individual(s) who can help me make some progress toward preparing me for a 6-8 week trip to Vietnam.


It does not matter at all that you might not speak fluent English.  I can work around that issue.


If you are interested in helping me meet these needs, I can be reached at the following email address and phone number: 


Phone #320-309-1097.  

Email address:



Tony Mohr

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