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Teacher Training Workshop Volunteers Needed - April 12th

Students are needed to participate in a teacher training workshop on Saturday, April 12th. You will be needed for one hour in the afternoon and one hour for a meeting in advance of the workshop.

ACSS events are due on April 15th, so this will be perfect.

You need to have taken ESL writing class 102 or 202.

You need to have completed or BE TAKING now English 191.

You will be prepared in advance to discuss your experience as a non-native speaker of English in the English 191 class.

Participants in the workshop will be IEC and ESL instructors.

We seek variety in language background, culture, and gender as well as year in school.  We hope for a large response soon so that we can select the variety of participants we need, allowing you to complete your ACSS events with other activities if necessary.

Please email Julie Condon at

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