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International Cultural Cafe - Every Friday

Please join us for: Cultural Café this semester Fridays (starting on September 21) at 3:00 p.m. in Centennial Hall Room 100. Come and experience free food, fun and edutainment! Please encourage your students (classes welcome) and fellow colleagues to attend! Please see fall schedule and country list below.

What is Cultural Café?

How much do you know about life beyond your cultural upbringing? Do you know where your favorite food, clothing, celebrities, music, art, or sports originated? Have you ever wanted to obtain a global perspective, but couldn't afford an around the world ticket?

The International Student Association at St. Cloud State University recognizes that every culture has a story to tell. Therefore, we have created a program called Cultural Café. This is a free event open to all members of the SCSU community.

The idea is that each week students who wish to participate can come and share their culture with other members of the campus community; they prepare a brief presentation about their country and offer their country’s delicacies to taste.  

When is Cultural Café?

Cultural Café is held Fridays (starting September 21) from 3:00-4:30 p.m. and is located in Centennial Hall Room 100. Please see schedule below.

Cultural Café Schedule – Fall 2012

Featured Country *                                 Date

*Please note country names were submitted by students presenting on behalf of their country of origin


  1. Nicaragua                                            October 19
  2. Belarus                                                 October 26
  3. Pakistan                                               November 2
  4. Spain                                                     November 9
  5. Panama                                                November 16
  6. NO CULTURAL CAFÉ                        November 23
  7. Singapore                                            November 30
  8. Turkey                                                  December 7
  9. TBA                                                        December 14


Please contact Khalil Mohd Firuz or Nikhil Joshi Cultural Café Coordinators.

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* If you would like your message to be considered for the Weekly Bulletin, e-mail with a description of the event. Messages must be received by Tuesday at 4:30 p.m.