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Youth For Understanding USA (YFU) Seeks Volunteers and Host Families

Youth For Understanding USA (YFU), a nonprofit exchange organization, seeks volunteers and host families to mentor and host high school exchange students coming to St Cloud community. Share your passion for community and  social responsibility – this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for a student from a different country to learn about your congregation’s traditions, experience American culture, and build interpersonal bonds of friendship that will last a lifetime.

Host families of all shapes and sizes welcome YFU students into their home as if they are one of their own children. YFU exchange students bring spending money and have health insurance.  They come prepared to follow family rules and want to become a part of the community.  Each student and host family is supported by local YFU representatives who form a nationwide network of more than 1500 volunteers. These trained volunteers work to ensure that both students and families have an incredible experience during the program year. 

YFU students and their families trust Youth For Understanding because of its reputation for quality, high safety standards, and strong support network.  As one of the world’s oldest and largest exchange organizations, YFU has provided study abroad opportunities to over 250,000 high school students for more than 60 years.

The YFU community is excited to promote international and interpersonal friendships in St. Cloud. International programs for American students and volunteer opportunities with YFU are also available. If families are interested in learning more, call YFU’s local Field Director in Mahnomen Marilyn Hostetler directly at 800-872-0200 x269 or via e-mail at:

Additional information and an online application are available at:

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