International Friendship Program at SCSU


NEW this semester, the International Friendship Program now allows international students and visiting scholars the unique opportunity to be paired with local community members/families, SCSU students, or SCSU faculty/staff. Applicants may decide to participate for a semester, year, or on a continuous basis.


Through the International Friendship Program, participants are paired to form a “friendship family” which provides international students and visiting scholars an introduction to life in the U.S. while they, in turn, help their American host learn about other cultures. These cross-cultural friendships provide participants with opportunities to explore cultural differences and gain a better understanding of the role they play in the larger world.


As part of a “friendship family” you are expected to maintain regular contact, plan at least one activity per month, attend social events, and commit to developing a cross-cultural friendship. You are not expected to serve as a “host family” as this program does not involve/require a home stay. This activity counts towards the Academic and Cultural Sharing Scholarship.


The Center for International Studies reviews all applications and matches participants based on similar hobbies, special interests, etc. they have in common based on their application forms. We also remain in contact with all participants to ensure satisfaction with the program.




To apply, please complete the appropriate application form and drop it off at the Center for International Studies located in Lawrence Hall, room 101.