A Common Goal: The Inauguration of 22nd President Earl H. Potter III

September 19, 2008

The inauguration of President Earl H. Potter III is an opportunity to celebrate the immeasurable positive impact St. Cloud State University has on our community and our world.

While the centerpiece will be a traditional ceremony with wide campus and community participation, this commemoration of new leadership will also shine a brighter light on faculty, staff and student accomplishments and contributions that make a difference and demonstrate how lives are touched by St. Cloud State University. View a news story, with photos, that discusses the inauguration.

As in past inaugurations at St. Cloud State, including those of Presidents Graham, Wick, McDonald and Saigo, the event will remind us of our heritage and focus on our future as a learning community committed to offering students a world of opportunity.

Each year colleges and universities across America host inaugurations of new presidents in a variety of ways, from simple events to elaborate, extended affairs. Most are celebrated near the first anniversary of the new administration. Inaugurations share the common goal of drawing internal and external attention to a new era of vision and pride in their institutions.

The entire campus community is invited and encouraged to participate in this celebration of St. Cloud State University.