Instructional Design and Training

Master of Science Degree

Track IIIEach year millions of people participate in training programs offered by their employers. The 2012 Occupational Outlook Handbook projects continued job growth and competitive wages for those developing and managing such programs, which are increasingly being delivered in E-Learning environments.

The Master of Science degree in Instructional Design and Training, offered by the Information Media (IM) department at St. Cloud State University, is designed for people interested in careers in human performance, technology, and training management in business, industrial, governmental and health fields. The course work prepares individuals with such competencies as problem analysis, program development, resource management, and personnel/performance evaluation. Students will develop specific skills for positions in training/human resources development and performance analysis.

Student Learning Outcomes (Adapted from IBSTPI competencies:


Apply appropriate research methods and findings in professional practice: the candidates understand, apply, and integrate research into teaching and learning, and use various resources available to inform best practice and add to the professional knowledge base.

Candidates will identify and resolve ethical and legal implications of design in the work place.


Demonstrate the ability to conduct analysis before planning a program or curriculum, including a needs assessment, assessment of target population characteristics and environment characteristics, and other elements of a situation. Candidates will plan a program or curriculum using a variety of techniques for determining instructional content, analyzing the characteristics of existing and emerging technologies and their use in an instructional environment, and reflecting upon them before finalizing design solutions and strategies.


Design and develop programs or curricula that reflect an understanding of the diversity of learners. They will select and use a variety of techniques to define and sequence the instructional content and strategies; create, select or modify existing instructional materials; and evaluate and assess instruction and its impact.


Apply business skills to plan and manage instructional design projects and promote collaboration, partnerships, and relationships among the participants in a design project.

Candidates will provide for the effective implementation of instructional products and programs, and design instructional management systems.

Distance Learning Options

The Master of Science degree in Instructional Design and Training is designed for full-time or part-time students. Classes are offered in the evening during the academic year and during the day in summer. All classes are available through distance technology. Students may attend class face to face or synchronously form a distance through the Web.

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