Graduate Program

Information Media: Information Technologies (Track I)
Deadlines and Milestones

  1. Initial Transition Points
    1. Application is submitted to Graduate Studies and student is admitted.
    2. Student meets with an adviser regarding career goals and program requirements.
    3. Student subscribes to CIMGRAD_L
    4. Written Exam and Preliminary Oral Interview successfully are completed.
    5. Program of Study is completed by student in consultation with adviser and filed.
      1. Program of Study specifies courses to be taken
      2. Student selects plan (A – Thesis, B – Starred Paper, C – Portfolio)
  2. Continuation Transition Points
    1. Student completes all courses specified in Program of Study up to IM680 and IM608 successfully.
      1. Student maintains a 3.0 GPA (B average) in all graduate courses taken.
    2. Student may complete an elective internship.
      1. Student makes initial contact with IM to begin an internship at least one semester before the internship is to begin. Student receives informational handouts, the needs assessment form, and the assessment guide and rubrics.
      2. Student completes the Internship Planning Guide obtained from the IM office, returns it. This includes objectives agreed upon by student and on-site supervisors(s) which are sent to the SCSU internship supervisor.
      3. Student completes internship and the required papers.
      4. The site supervisor and SCSU internship supervisor evaluate the student's internship experience.
    3. Student takes IM608.
      1. Course is completed successfully.
      2. Proposal for Thesis, Starred Paper, or Portfolio is written.
  3. Final Transition Points
    1. Thesis, Starred Paper, or Portfolio is written.
      1. Final draft of proposal is completed in consultation with adviser.
      2. Plan A (Thesis) or C (Portfolio) – Schedule preliminary proposal meeting at least one semester before planned graduation date.
      3. Successfully complete Thesis, Starred Paper, or Portfolio
        1. Plan A (Thesis) or C (Portfolio) – Schedule final meeting
          1. Final draft of paper is accepted by committee.
        2. Plan B (Starred Paper) - Final draft of paper is accepted by adviser.
      4. Submit final copies of paper to committee.
    2. Student successfully completes comprehensive written exam.
    3. Student completes oral exit interview and survey.
  4. Follow-up Transition Points
    1. Students are followed up via a web survey to determine job satisfaction and program satisfaction.
    2. Students complete a survey from the Dean’s office
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