At the undergraduate level, the Department of Information Media offers a certificate program in Instructional Technology.

At the graduate level the department offers three certificates:

  • Instructional Technology
  • Library Media Specialist
  • Design for E-learning

The department also offers a Master of Science degree with three emphasis areas:

  • Technology Integration
  • Library Media
  • Instructional Design and Training

All programs are designed to provide critical skills for the Information Age. Employers need people who can analyze problems and access, validate, select, organize, and present information. Courses are open to all students interested in using technologies to communicate, educate, or train.



Through its Master of Science and certificate programs, the Department of Information Media supports persons in educational communications, information technologies, and human resources development/training.

Encompassed in the programs are competency development in the theory and practice of librarianship, education and information technology, instructional systems design, and message design and delivery. The underlying philosophy of these programs is the development of leadership skills that make it possible to work with people to provide appropriate services to meet their needs.

An essential characteristic of the graduate programs is the incorporation of the theory and application of current and developing technologies into leadership functions and message design and delivery.


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