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The St. Cloud Area

St. Cloud State University (SCSU) is located on the Mississippi river in the city of St. Cloud, Minnesota. The university was established in 1869 as a teachers' college. Today it offers over 200 degree programs and has a student body of over 16,000. More than 1,000 international students from about 80 nations attend St. Cloud State.

The city of St. Cloud is at the heart of central Minnesota. Our 100-acre campus is between downtown St. Cloud and the Beaver Islands, a group of more than 30 islands that form a natural maze for a two-mile stretch of the Mississippi River. There are many small towns and two other universities in the area. Depending on the season, the area provides many opportunities for recreational activities. Wildlife is abundant all year. Spring and summer offer great opportunities to view the many beautiful flower parks in the area. Fall colors, the leaves of trees changing color, are famous. Winter provides opportunities to ski, skate and ice fish.

Minnesota's largest metropolitan area is just a one-hour drive from SCSU. Minneapolis/St. Paul offers an international airport. The twin cities provide world-class arts and entertainment opportunities, as well as a host of museums and America's largest and most famous shopping mall.

SCSU Facilities and Support Services

Students enrolled in the IEC have access to all SCSU facilities and support services, including

In short, all the facilities of a large university.

Students may also participate in student organizations, join intramural sports teams, and attend all university functions at student discounts. For more information about activities and support systems for our students, see For Our Students.

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