For principal investigators, training must be completed prior to the submission of the IACUC protocol. IACUC members must complete the training within sixty days of appointment to the committee and at least prior to providing guidance or voting on animal use protocols.

St. Cloud State University utilizes the CITI Program to provide online training for the various learner groups. In coordination with Academic Affairs, the IACUC has determined the following learner groups and faculty can require any additional modules for their students as they deem appropriate for the humane care and use of animals:

  • IACUC – Faculty Submitting Protocols
  • IACUC – Member
  • IACUC – Graduate Student Researchers
  • IACUC – Undergraduate Student Researchers
  • IACUC – Vivarium Workers
  • IACUC – Students in Class

Existing User
If you are an existing user, log into your account and click on Add a Course or Update Your Learner Groups for St. Cloud State University to view all courses available.

Registering as a New User for IACUC Training
Follow these steps to register for your IACUC training program from CITI. Under Create an Account, click on Register. Select Your Organization Affiliation by querying for the word Cloud and St. Cloud State University should appear in the drop down list. Note there should not be a charge to take this training as SCSU covers the annual fee.

Consistent with the Animal Welfare Act, St. Cloud State University registers as a research facility through the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS).
APHIS provides leadership for determining standards of humane care and treatment of animals. APHIS implements those standards and achieves compliance through inspection, education and cooperative efforts. For more information, visit their website: