IACUC Members for FY16

Registration #41-R-0078 expires December 31, 2017

Board membership is defined by federal guidelines in addition to those who lend expertise in areas of related research. You are invited to contact board members with questions.

Dr. Ryan Fink
Field Biology and Ecology/Biology Molecular

Linda Donnay
IACUC Administrator

Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

Dr. Nancy Altena/Dr. Jennifer Schurrer

Jerilyn Petersen, J.D.
Community Member

Dr. Marina Cetkovic-Cvrlje
Field Biology and Ecology/Biology Molecular

Brian Lorenz
Animal Facility Manager

Dr. Benjamin Witts
Community Psychology, Counseling and Family Therapy

Dr. Marco Restani
IFO Representative through 5/17

Dr. Marilyn Hart
Interim Associate Provost for Research