Reporting Concerns About Animal Care and Use


St. Cloud State University is committed to the humane treatment of all vertebrate animals used in research and teaching activities. The privilege to use live animals for the advancement of science and medicine carries with it the responsibility to follow applicable laws, policies and procedures established to promote the well-being and ethical treatment of animals.

Who to Contact

Concerns or complaints regarding the care and use of animals at St. Cloud State University can be addressed initially to the instructor of the course, the faculty member in charge of the research project for which the animals are being used or the concern may be addressed to any member of the IACUC, the IACUC Administrator or the Institutional Official.

What Information is Needed

Concerns can be communicated verbally or by completion of the Animal Care Concern Form. The concern, whether written or verbal, will be presented to the Institutional Official for review, possible informal or formal investigation, and/or appropriate action.

Activity Suspension

For the health and welfare of animals, the IACUC has the authority to suspend any activity involving animals, per PHS Policy and the USDA Animal Welfare Act Regulations. The activity in question is to be reviewed at a convened meeting of the IACUC where a voting quorum is present. If an activity is to be suspended, a majority vote of the quorum of members is required and the Institutional Official must be notified in a timely manner. After consulting with the IACUC, the Institutional Official will take the appropriate corrective action and report the incident and findings to the applicable federal agency, if necessary. The Institutional Official may pursue an investigation following the Policies and Procedures for the Handling of Allegations of Academic or Research Fraud and Serious Misconduct at St. Cloud State University.