Health and Wellness

Mission, Objectives and Goals


To enhance the ability of St. Cloud State’s faculty and staff to better manage their health, improve productivity and to assist in meeting personal wellness goals. We aim to improve the quality of life and to reduce the risk for disease and injury by providing programming and educational opportunities.


Empower SCSU employees to incorporate the 7-Dimensions of Wellness into their daily lives.

  1. Social: Developing meaningful relationships.
  2. Emotional: Being attentive to their own thoughts, feelings and behaviors.
  3. Spiritual: Cultivating awareness of values and beliefs that bring purpose to their lives.
  4. Environmental: Being aware of and respect limitations of the earth’s natural resources.
  5. Occupational: Achieving balance between work and leisure time.
  6. Intellectual: Being open to new ideas, learning new skills and cherishing mental growth.
  7. Physical: Increasing physical activity and healthy eating habits.


  1. Build a sense of belonging within the SCSU community.
  2. Reduce health care costs by reducing health risks through education and behavioral change programs.
  3. Increase productivity, improve office morale, retain good employees, recruit new employees, decrease injuries and decrease absenteeism through promoting a wellness lifestyle.
  4. Assist employees of the university to live a balanced healthy lifestyle at work and home.
  5. Assist employees in evaluating advantages and disadvantages of lifestyle choices, setting goals, and taking action for personal development to enhance quality of life.