5k and Half Marathon Training Program

Want to run your first 5k or half marathon or looking to improve your time? Need additional guidance or motivation? Start by signing up for this training program to get you to the FINISH line!

What the program entails:

  • Training Plan
  • Initial Presentation on Sports Nutrition
  • Workshop Topics include: Mapping Runs, Managing Time, Foam Rolling, Strength Stabilizers, Fueling, and Yoga)
  • Your Questions Answered by Campus Recreation Staff and the Campus Dietitian
  • Availability of Group Runs/Workouts
  • Weekly Support: Newsletter with Motivation, Tips, Encouragement, and Health Information

Cost: FREE to those with a SCSU Fitness Center Membership, Combo Membership or SCSU Group Fitness Membership. With your fitness membership, you have access to treadmills to run on during snowy, cold days, equipment to use for cross-training days (stationary bike, elliptical, etc.), and free weights/weight machines for strength training days. It's encouraged to take advantage of the various group fitness classes for cross-training and strength training days too; your group fitness instructor will motivate you to achieve these workouts and get stronger!

How to sign up: E-mail SCSU's Registered Dietitian, Hannah Hokanson (Hannah.Hokanson@sodexo.com)

What to indicate when you sign up:

  1. Name
  2. E-mail Address
  3. What race you plan on doing (5k or half marathon)
  4. If this is your first 5k or half marathon (if not, how many other ones have you done?)
  5. If you're willing to have your e-mail address shared for coordinating group runs

Remember, you will still need to register for the 5k race or half marathon on Earth Day's website to be able to do the race: https://www.stcloudstate.edu/campusrec/earthday/

How the program works:

  • After signing up, you will receive a self-guided training plan based on which race you indicate
  • Attend workshops on various topics to help with your running performance
  • You will be e-mailed weekly newsletters about health topics with motivation, tips, or encouragement
  • Those willing to share their e-mail addresses will have access to others in the program to meet up for buddy/group runs

Workshop: Mapping Runs & Managing Time

Date: Friday, February 7


Location: Campus Recreation Studio #51

Presenter: Hannah Hokanson

Learn how to map your runs outside using the trails and streets of St. Cloud (or any other city for that matter!) and how to manage your time with your training plan and a busy schedule.