Husky Neighbor Mission/Purpose

  • Bringing students together
  • Building stronger communities
  • Motivating students to work together and with other community stakeholders, such as property managers and permanent residents, to improve the quality of life in their neighborhood

Creating Community

Using their own experiences and perspectives, Husky Neighbors plan activities that build community among neighborhood residents. Husky Neighbors plan events that encourage students to meet each other. When neighbors know each other:

  • They are more likely to respect each other
  • They are more likely to be aware of suspicious persons and potential crime situations
  • They feel more connected to the neighborhood and more likely to take part in solutions

Community building results in stronger communities where…

  • There is pride for the area in which residents live and a sense of community and enjoyment
  • People are socially responsible and respectful behaviors are valued
  • Important issues affecting the community are discussed openly