Alternative Press

  • AlterNet
    A project of the Independent Media Institute includes some of the best alternative points of view on social issues.
  • Bring Them Home Now
    Troops talk about conditions in Iraq and families share emails.
  • Common Dreams News Center
    Alternative analysis and best of the mainstream press. Extensive links to organizations and media. Updated daily.
  • Cursor
    Updated daily. Many links to international news sources.
  • Democracy Now News
    Daily radio show, clearly archived.
  • Electronic Intifada (Palestine)
    Commentary, analysis, and reference materials about the Israeli and Palestinian “conflict” from a Palestinian perspective.
  • Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting
    Excellent articles critiquing mainstream media coverage of the crisis.
  • The Guardian (UK)
    Daily newspaper out of London . Great source of information about US & UK politics that we do not hear about in the United States.
  • Ha'aretz (Israel)
    Daily progressive newspaper out of Israel .
  • The Hindu (India)
    National newspaper in India about Southeast Asia and international events .
  • The Independent (UK)
    Some of the best reporting on global events.
  • Independent Media Center
    The main source of information on movements for social justice. Immediate reporting of anti-war protests and resources for linking the current crisis to issues of global inequality.
  • Media Workers Against the War
    A British site offers alternative perspectives on the current war.
  • The Middle East Times
    Weekly news source with independent analysis of politics in the Middle East
  • Occupation Watch
    First hand reports from Iraq . Go to Baghdad Burning blog.
  • Z Magazine and Z Net
    A treasure trove of articles and resources from a progressive perspective. Authors include Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, and Edward Said.
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