Undergraduate Programs

The 17 credit minor is designed as a short or second minor; the 23 credit minor provides an option for those desiring more extensive study. NOTE: HURL 491/492 should be taken near the end of the program.

  • Human Relations Minor
  • Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Elective Studies Minor
    Students may design an individual human relations minor drawing from courses in a variety of colleges. Persons majoring in business, education, social sciences, public and human services fields; health care; or pre-professional programs such as law or medicine, will find the human relations minor of particular value. The 17-credit minor is designed as a second minor; the 23-credit minor provides for those desiring more extensive study. Both minors are available to students in Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science programs. Bachelor of Elective Studies students may only take the 23-credit minor.
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