Human Relations & Multicultural Education (HURL)

Departmental objectives are to provide opportunities and experiences which will:

  • Develop skills in analyzing the impact of power, resource distribution, cultural standards and institutional policies and practices on various groups in the United States and internationally.
  • Foster skill development in recognizing and addressing dehumanizing biases, discrimination and oppression. 
  • Introduce and examine structural analyses of oppression and social justice related to: race, gender, age, class, religion, disability, physical appearance, sexual orientation and nationality/culture.
  • Promote an understanding of the multifaceted contributions which reflect the knowledge and history of the various racial, cultural (including women, people with disabilities, lesbian/gay/bi/transgender, religiously oppressed persons/communities) and economic groups in society.
  • Promote analytical and evaluative skills to examine ideologies and dominant/alternative paradigms in the physical sciences, social sciences, business, education, arts and humanities.
  • Develop skills in creating living, learning and working environments which contribute to the self-esteem of all persons and to positive interpersonal relations.
  • Define a global understanding of social, economic, political and environmental justice to counter neocolonialism, xenophobia, and militarism.
  • Expose students to independent and international media that routinely provide diverse perspectives on global justice.
  • Develop knowledge of social movements, and the efforts of various groups of people to resist oppression and establish a just society on local and global levels.
  • Develop critical perspectives on teaching and learning.
  • Support development and application of change agent skills for local and global social responsibility.

Specifically, the department

  • Offers a 17 and 23 credit Baccalaureate Minor for Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, or Bachelor of Elective Studies degrees.
  • Offers a Masters of Science in Social Responsibility in collaboration with the Departments of Sociology and  Women's Studies.
  • Provides quality courses that fulfill the human relations requirement for teacher licensure in the State of Minnesota and assists in meeting the NCATE standard on diversity.
  • Provides courses and programs on domestic and global social justice, peace, and environmental sustainability to meet the diversity requirements of the institution.
  • Provides courses that fulfill the Racial Issues requirement within the Diversity component of Liberal Education.
  • Provides courses on social justice issues for other liberal arts and professional majors and minors.
  • Aids and supports the development and improvement of other programs and services in the university and community that pertain to race, gender, age, class, religion, disability, physical appearance, sexual orientation, nationality/culture, species and the environment.
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