Human Relations

Department of Human Relations & Multicultural Education (HURL)

The Department of Human Relations & Multicultural Education (HURL) provides education in self-awareness and skills essential for living and working in a democratic, environmentally sustainable, and socially just society. The department addresses issues of oppression and social justice related to race, gender, age, class, religion, disability, physical appearance, sexual orientation and nationality/culture. HURL is an interdisciplinary applied field committed to addressing questions of equity, self-determination, resource allocation and quality of life facing people around the world.

HURL programs and courses attempt to represent the perspectives of groups that have historically been excluded from the western cannon. The department is also dedicated to teaching investigative and critical thinking skills where participants examine mainstream and alternative viewpoints for values, veracity, and outcomes. The department serves as an academic and developmental resource to students, faculty, university programs, departments, administration, and community organizations. The department provides programs, courses, resources, and leadership in meeting the goals set forth in the SCSU mission statement and in various accreditation standards on diversity and global awareness.

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