Weather/Emergency Closings

Cancellation of Classes due to Weather or Other Emergencies

Any decision to cancel classes is made by the president or the president's designee, after consultation, as appropriate, with the highway patrol, MTC, MnDOT, MnSCU, the Weather Service, and SCSU Meteorologist. In the event of non-weather related situations, decisions are made after consultation with Student Health Services, Public Safety or others as appropriate. All employees are expected to report for work.

Campus Closing due to Weather or Other Emergencies

The decision to close the university is made by the president or the president's designee after consultation, as appropriate.

Any decision to close the university or cancel classes or events will be announced, if at all possible, before 6 a.m. for day classes and events, and before 3 p.m. for evening classes and events.

Closing/cancellation decisions will be announced as follows:


Television: WCCO Channel 4, KSTP Channel 5, KMSP Channel 9, KARE- 11, KSTC Forty5, UTVS, UPN29.

Telephone: Call 320-308-0121, 320-308-2244, 1-800-369-4260 or 1-877-654-SCSU (7278) for a taped message regarding closings/cancellations.

Voicemail: There will be a recorded message available to those that use the SCSU voicemail system.

E-Mail: There will be red-flagged email messages sent to those with an active SCSU e-mail account.

Internet: Closing or cancellation information will be on the SCSU website at

When classes or events are cancelled, all employees are required to report for work and attend to their regular duties. For those who cannot report to work, the usual procedures for taking leave apply.

When SCSU is closed, all students and employees are relieved of their responsibilities for the specified period. The affected shifts will be indicated in the public announcement: day shift generally 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., evening shift 3 to 11:30 p.m., and late shift 10:30 p.m. to 7 a.m. Unless announced otherwise, all employees should assume SCSU will return to normal operations at the start of the next shift.

When SCSU is closed, employees with responsibilities that are considered essential in nature are required to perform their duties. These services are necessary to meet the needs of students who live on campus and to address the university’s exposure to liability. Supervisors in each area designate specific categories and numbers of employees who are required to report for work. The following areas are the only ones that will continue to provide services during a closed status: Heating Plant, SODEXHO Food Services, University Public Safety, Residential Life, snow removal or other critical maintenance and repair.

All offices are to close and activities are to cease as soon as reasonable after a closing announcement has been made. However, a two-hour delay is acceptable in Atwood Center, Intercollegiate Athletics, the Miller Center and Recreational Sports to allow for clearing students and securing the facilities.


If closing or cancellation of an event is announced midday or after an event has begun, building coordinators and/or supervisors will notify employees.

Separate announcements regarding cancellation or postponement of events such as performances, conferences or athletic competitions are made after assessment of the university’s ability to make allowances for the events.

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