Vehicle User Agreement

For Faculty/Staff/Students Driving on State Business

A State of Minnesota policy requires faculty, staff and students driving on state business to receive authorization. Faculty, staff and students will be allowed to drive on state business only after this process has been completed and they have received an Eligible or Conditional rating. This process applies to those who drive a state vehicle (or other state equipment requiring a driver’s license).

The authorization needs to be requested only once, unless driving information changes, and renewed annually.

The Vehicle User Agreement is available at:

At the registration site, sign in using your StarID and password (same as what is used to log onto your SCSU computer). You’ll be asked for your driver’s license number, the number of years you’ve been driving and other information. The information will be forwarded to the MnSCU Department of Risk Management, which will obtain your motor vehicle record. The university will be provided only with confirmation of your status, not the actual driving record.

You will be assigned one of the following ratings:

  • Eligible (no violations or minor violations)
  • Conditional (some minor violations or at-fault accidents)
  • Ineligible (multiple major violations or at-fault accidents)

You will be allowed to drive on state business only after the process has been completed and you have received an “Eligible” or “Conditional” rating.  Additional rules apply for drivers of high-occupancy (10 or more occupants) or towing vehicles.  Questions may be directed to Buildings & Grounds Management at 320-308-2266.

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