Personal/Sick/Vacation/Bereavement Leave

When a leave slip needs to be completed, make sure that the correct type of leave slip is used, as there are leave slips for other types of employees also. If additional blank slips are needed, contact Human Resources for a supply.

MSUAASF personal leave is counted in full day increments. If the employee chooses to use personal leave they will be charged a full day of leave (8 hrs) regardless of the amount of hours actually used. MSUAASF employees are granted up to 4 personal days per fiscal year.

If an employee is going to be out for an extended period of time because of illness or surgery, contact Human Resources for important insurance information prior to the dates absent or as soon as possible in an emergency situation.

Bereavement leave is a separate type of leave, it does not come out of sick leave. The employee must state the relationship of the deceased person so it can be determined if the bereavement leave meets the criteria.

May 2005

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