Workers' Compensation Procedures

All work related injuries must be reported to the employee's supervisor or by contacting Human Resources at 320-308-3203 within 24 hours of the date/time of the injury, at which time the supervisor, along with the injured employee, will need to complete the Incident/Injury/Illness Data Form (IDF).  If the injury is life threatening or fatal, Human Resources must be notified immediately. 

If the injury is critical call an ambulance 9-911.

The IDF (Incident/Injury/Illness Data Form) and other appropriate forms must be filed with the Human Resources office within 24 hours for receipt of notice of:

  • Any injury alleged to have risen out of and in the course of employment that incapacitates an employee from earning wages for 3 or more days.
  • Any injury that requires medical expenses to be paid.
  • Any job-related damage to eyeglasses or a prosthetic device.
  • The death of an employee as a result of a job related injury.  If the employee dies at the work site, you must file an IDF regardless of the reason for death.

The employer & employee should retain a copy of the IDF. IDF forms are available in the supervisor or dean’s office, Human Resources office or download from Admin Minnesota. Supervisors of the injured employee, along with the employee,must also review and complete the Supervisors checklist to ensure all appropriate forms are completed and the injured employee receives proper paperwork. All forms can also be found at the State Workers Compensation website.

If an employee receives treatment and has any type of work restrictions, this needs to be in writing from the treating physician and given to the employee's immediate supervisor with a copy to the Human Resources Office.

If medical attention is required, you must contact Midwest Occupational Medicine at 320-251-9675 to schedule an appointment, inform them that this is a work related injury and your appointment will be scheduled within the next 24 hours. The address is 1301 33rd St S, St. Cloud, MN 56301. This clinic is in the same building that the St. Cloud Medical Group (South clinic) is in, which is across the road from Granite Bowl South and Skatin Place.  Our designated hospital is St. Cloud Hospital, 320-251-2700.

CorVel Corporation is our workers compensation managed care plan. For 24-hour nurse line service, medical emergencies or if urgent care need is needed you may call 1-866-399-8541 or 612-436-2542.

These same procedures apply to student worker/work study students whom are injured on the job.

Please remember that St. Cloud State employees need to work together in order to provide a safe and healthy work environment.

For additional information, go to the State Workers Compensation website.

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