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Minnesota Advantage Health Plan

Under SEGIP, the Advantage Health Plan has some important features... read more.

The Minnesota Advantage Health Plan offers the following three insurance carriers:

A standard set of benefits is offered in all SEGIP Advantage Health Plans. There are still some differences from plan to plan in the way that benefits are administered, and in the referral and diagnosis coding patterns of primary care clinics.

Minnesota Advantage Health Plan General Summary: 2014-15 Health Benefits Schedule

Convenience clinics

Your Advantage Health Plan, including Blue Cross, HealthPartners and PreferredOne, now offer health care coverage at several convenience clinics in the Metro and St. Cloud areas for State of Minnesota Advantage Health Plan members and their dependents*. These convenience clinics can be used for simple illnesses, tests and vaccinations and are a quality alternative to emergency rooms, urgent care and family practice clinics.

*Please note that some convenience clinics have age limitations for treatment of infants.

Navitus Prescription Drug Coverage

Navitus Health Solutions is the pharmacy benefit manager for the Minnesota Advantage Health Plan beginning January 1, 2008. The Navitus website,, has additional information for MN Advantage Health Plan members including a complete list of prescriptions and copes, a pharmacy directory, mail-order information, and more.

Dental Insurance

Two dental plans may be available to you and your dependents through SEGIP. As with the health plans, not all plans are available in every county of the state. Read More...

SEGIP's Two Dental Carriers are:

What coverage do I currently have?

To see what coverage you currently have go to the Employee Self Service site at:

  1. Sign in
  2. Click on "Benefits"
  3. Click on "Benefits Summary". This screen will show your current coverage.

For more questions, contact:

Renee Dingmann (Administrators, Faculty, ASF)

Judy Ruegemer (Classified Staff)

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