Short Term Disability (STD) Benefits

If an employee becomes disabled because of an illness or injury and can’t work, Short Term Disability (STD) benefits help replace lost income. Benefits begin on the 1st day of an accident or 8th day of an illness and can continue for up to 26 weeks while the employee is disabled. While an employee is totally disabled, the STD benefits will not be reduced by any other pay such as sick or vacation pay.

A new employee has the option to elect coverage up to 60 days from date of hire. If application is after 60 days, an employee must complete an enrollment form and complete the proof of good health questions on the back side of the enrollment form; Hartford Life will either approve or deny coverage. This can be done at any time of the year.

The benefit paid depends on how much enrolled for. An employee can choose, in increments of $100, the minimum amount of coverage of $300 up to the maximum amount of $5,000 but not to exceed 66-2/3% of the employee's regular earnings. If the employee is age 70 or over, the maximum is lower.

STD Plan Exclusions

The plan does not provide coverage for disabilities caused or contributed to by the following:

  • Sickness or injury for which Workers’ Compensation benefits are paid or may be paid if duly claimed;
  • Injury sustained as a result of doing any work for pay or profit for another employer, including self-employment, even if Workers’ Compensation is not paid;
  • The employee's commission of or attempt to commit a felony, or to which a contributing cause was the employee being engaged in an illegal occupation;
  • War, act of war or being in the armed forces; or
  • Self-inflicted injury

Call Hartford at 1-800-752-9713 or Human Resources at 320-308-3203 for enrollment forms, rates or questions.

Long Term Disability Insurance

Long-term disability benefits extend income protection if a disability lasts for more than six months. LTD benefits can only begin if an employee has been totally disabled for six consecutive months, known as the elimination period. An employee can choose a monthly benefit of $300 up to the maximum of $5,000 but is limited to the amount that corresponds with annual salary level. The monthly LTD benefit will be reduced by the amount of other income benefits the employee receives but it will not be less than the greater of $300 or 15% of the benefit amount purchased.

A new employee has the option to sign up for LTD or a current employee may sign up only during open enrollment, which is normally in October, with coverage becoming effective the first of the new year. For the first 24 months of an employee’s long-term disability coverage, the policy will exclude coverage for any pre-existing medical condition. A pre-existing medical condition is defined as any disability which is caused by or results from any injury, sickness or pregnancy which occurred, was diagnosed, or for which medical care was received during the 12 months prior to the effective date of the long-term disability coverage.

LTD Plan Exclusions

The LTD plan does not cover any disability which is due to or attributed to war or an act of war (declared or not), or the employee's commission of or attempt to commit a felony or to which a contributing cause was the employee being engaged in any illegal occupation.

Call Hartford at 1-800-752-9713 or Human Resources at 320-308-3203 for forms, rates, or questions.

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