St. Cloud State University agrees to offer a Group Insurance Program that includes health, dental, life, and disability coverage.


Employees in the following employment class are eligible to participate in the health insurance plans:

  • Regular full-time employees
  • Regular part-time employees
  • Seasonal employees

See Collective Bargaining Agreement for specific eligibility requirements, maintenance eligibility, and employer’s contribution.

Initial Effective Date

Most SEGIP coverage will be effective 35 days after date of hire. However, coverage requiring evidence of insurability will be effective immediately after underwriting approval; and enrollment in a pre-tax account beyond 35 days from date of hire will go into effect upon enrollment.


Eligible dependents are: spouse, children and grandchildren. “Dependent child” includes member’s (1) biological child, (2) child legally adopted by or placed for adoption with member, or (3) foster child, and (4) stepchild. “Dependent grandchild” includes a member’s (1) grandchild placed in legal custody, (2) grandchild legally adopted by member or placed for adoption with members, or (3) grandchild who is the dependent child of the member’s unmarried dependent child. Under (1) and (3) above, the grandchild must be dependent on the member for principal support and maintenance and live with the member.

Open Enrollment

There shall be an open enrollment period each year. Open Enrollment changes become effective the first day of the new calendar year.


Health and Dental Coverage - Eligible employees may select coverage under one of the health and dental plans offered by the employer. See Collective Bargaining Agreement or Summary Plan Description for plans and coverages.

Life Insurance Coverage – The employer agrees to provide and pay for term life coverage and accidental death and dismemberment coverage for all employees eligible for an employer contribution. See Collective Bargaining Agreement for specific amount of coverage.

Travel Assistance- Did you know that as part of your life insurance coverage you have travel assistance coverage? All active employees who are insured under the State of Minnesota’s group life insurance plan, including their spouses and eligible dependents, have access to these services. No additional premium or enrollment is required. See website for more details.


Optional insurances such as additional life coverage, short and long-term disability, and accidental death and dismemberment are available for the employee to purchase. See Summary Plan Description for details.

Deductions for health, dental and life insurance coverage will begin the paycheck immediately before the coverage effective date. No deductions will be taken from the last paycheck. Deductions for pretax expense accounts for new employees will begin the first period following the effective date of coverage.

Additional Information on the Minnesota Management & Budget:


Newly hired employees will be able to make their enrollment choices through employee self-service.

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