Corporate Research

Areas of Expertise

There are two faculty members in the Human Performance Laboratory; David Bacharach has a background in human physiology, and Glenn Street has his expertise in biomechanics. The following paragraphs describe their areas of expertise.

David Bacharach assists in the development and validation of physiological measurement devices. Dr. Bacharach has worked with Cardio Pacemakers Inc. (Guidant) in developing activity based pacemakers and defibrillators, CNS Inc. on the efficacy of nasal strips in sports, Nordic Track on abdominal and total body exercise machines and with Hutchinson Technologies and their near infrared tissue oximeter. He has also completed projects with new products from Nordic Track and been provided product from Pacific Health and Gatorade for studies addressing sports supplements and performance.


Glenn Street assists with the design of sport equipment and prosthetic devices. He, in cooperation with Easton Aluminum, designed competition ski poles for the US Olympic Nordic teams, developed an upper body ergometer for ErgometRx, evaluated hockey sticks for Easton Aluminum, assisted Roller Blades Inc. in its design of a flexible wrist guard, and worked with Otto Bock and TEC Interface Systems in their design of the vacuum-assisted socket system (VASS). He has also directed evaluations of new exercise products designed by Octane Fitness.


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