Graduate Programs

Financial Information

Tuition Costs and Student Fees

The tuition rates and student fees usually change yearly. So the following estimates are subject to change. For the most up-to-date rates and fees visit Tuition Rate and Student Fees.

Full-Time Graduate Students: Since we provide at least a half-time graduate assistantship to all full-time graduate students accepted into the program, graduate tuition and student fees for one academic year (fall and spring semesters) are approximately $2,200. This amount applies to both Minnesota and non-Minnesota residents, as well as international students.

International graduate students are required to purchase the Student Health Plan insurance at a cost of approximately $970, to be paid before registering for the first semester classes. An exemption to this requirement may be granted if certain information is provided by your country's Embassy. For more information on this requirement and possible exemption, visit International Students & Scholar Services.

Part-Time Graduate Students: For a part-time student who is a Minnesota resident, but without a graduate assistantship , tuition and students fees are approximately $350/credit. This increases to approximately $520/credit for non-residents, including international students.

Estimated Living Expenses

Expenses unique to the St. Cloud area are listed below. The range of expenses is based on more and less frugal lifestyles. The lower rent assumes a roommate, the higher does not. The combined tuition and student fee rate is for a full-time graduate student.

Expense Estimated Costs
Tuition & Fees

$2,200/school year

Books $200/school year
Rent $300-450/month


Utilities $30-40/month
Phone $40-50/month
Internet Line $50/month
Cable Television


Graduate Assistantship

Size of Assistantships: We provide all full-time graduate students in exercise science or special studies with a minimum of a half-time graduate assistantship; $5,000/school year. Depending on the availability of additional funding, this can be increased to as much as $10,000/school year for a full-time assistantship . Graduate assistantships are awarded yearly, for a total of no more than two years.

More detailed information and assistantship applications are available at Graduate Assistantship.

Assistantship Duties: The most common duties of graduate assistants in the Human Performance Lab include helping with the Adult Fitness Program, testing athletes and assisting with undergraduate lab classes.

Time Commitment: Half-time assistantships obligate a student to 10 hours of work/week. A full-time assistantship is 20 hours/week. While our graduate students typically average these numbers of hours as they take responsibility for assigned tasks, the hours spent in the lab far exceed these assistantship hours. This is because we expect full-time students to take advantage of all the additional educational opportunities offered by the lab. These include such things as assisting with ongoing research, giving lab tours and meeting with professors and/or graduate students to discuss research questions.

Subsidized Travel

We provide financial assistance to full-time graduate students attending regional and national professional meetings each year. This funding at minimum averages approximately $300/year.

Regional Meetings: With the exception of food, the assistance usually covers the entire cost of attending the fall and spring Northland Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine (NACSM) meetings.

National Meetings: Assistance is also provided for first and second year students to attend one national meeting (ACSM or ASB) each year. As a minimum the assistance covers lodging or travel. For students presenting at a national meeting, all or nearly all costs are covered.