Graduate Programs

Faculty & Staff

The two faculty (Dave Bacharach and Glenn Street) and one administrative assistant (Carol Shaw) in the Human Performance Lab place considerable importance on maintaining a professional, yet supportive and respectful familial environment in the lab. It is in this supportive environment that we challenge the graduate students to become the best they can be.

The two faculty are firmly committed to their professions and the students. They can be found in the lab throughout the week and on some evenings, weekends and holiday/semester breaks. They are actively involved in lab testing, research and mentoring students.

Dr. Bacharach has a background in exercise physiology and Dr. Street has expertise in biomechanics. As friends and colleagues, we work together closely on research questions and the training of all graduate students.

Specific interests and the research activities of the faculty are described in their respective faculty profile pages (Bacharach, Street).

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