Graduate Programs

Facilities and Equipment

Human Performance Laboratory

Student Area: The Human Performance Lab oratory is sectioned into several rooms. Each student is given a desk in the graduate student area within the lab. The administrative assistant and professors also have offices within the laboratory Student Area
Underwater Weighing Room: Body composition is assessed in the Underwater Weighing Room. Skinfolds are also taken to estimate body fat. Underwater Weighing
Testing Room: A variety of physiological assessments are conducted in the Testing Room. One assessment is the measurement of lung volumes and flow rates. These measurements are conducted with both computerized (Medical Graphics) and mechanical (Collins) spirometers . Testing Room
Power outputs are routinely measured in the Testing Room using Quinton and Woodway treadmills, Monark bicycles and an ErgoMetrics upper body ergometer. When testing endurance athletes on these devices, oxygen consumption is measured with a Medical Graphics computerized breath-by-breath or a bag collection system. Testing Room
Cardiac function is assessed in the testing room with Quinton twelve-lead electrocardiogram systems and blood pressure cuffs. Testing Room
Chemistry Room: A variety of analyses are performed on body fluids (blood and urine) in this room. Urine analyses include specific gravity, osmolality, acidity, glucose and protein. These are performed using a refractometer, Advanced micro-osmometer, wet chemistry strips and Beckman spectrophotometer. Chemistry Room
Blood samples are collected using a finger stick, venous puncture or venous cannula. The more common blood markers measured include lactate, cholesterol, glucose, hematocrit, osmolality and creatine kinase. A variety of other blood markers can and have been measured in the Chemistry Room such as blood gases and urea. The equipment available to make these measurements include the YSI 2300 Blood Lactate/Glucose analyzer, Reflotron cholesterol refractometer, Johnson & Johnson Vitros II reflectance photometer, Advanced micro-osmometer and Beckman spectrophotometer. Chemisty Room
Skin blood flow can be measured non-invasively with a Perimed Laser Doppler Flowmetry. Skin temperature can also be measured with Perimed miniature probes. Chemistry Room
Computer Area: A PC computer lab resides in the Human Performance Lab. Most of the computers are wired directly to the web, university network and laser printers. Available software includes Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, Publisher and Access. In addition, specialty software such as dietary assessment software is available. Computer Area
Biomechanics Room: A SIMI two- and three-dimensional motion analysis system also resides in the Biomechanics Room. The system includes standard Panasonic (60 Hz) and Basler high speed (<1200 Hz) digital cameras. The SIMI system can be used to manually or automatically digitize points, calculate a wide range of movement parameters and display the movement. Biomechanics Room
An AMTI OR6-5-1 force platform that can be installed in the Biomechanics Room, indoor running track or long/triple jump takeoff board is used to measure friction and vertical ground reaction forces. Biomechanics Room

Muscle activity is measured directly with a Noraxon telemetry electromyography system.

Biomechanics Room